Chairman's Stewardship Awards

Since its inception in 1935, the Commission has voiced the need for sound oil and natural gas environmental policy. In 2001, the Commission initiated the annual Chairman's Stewardship Awards, which represent the Commission's highest honor for exemplary efforts in environmental stewardship.

The awards recognize achievement and challenge organizations, companies and individuals nationwide to demonstrate innovation, dedication and passion for our environment.

E.W. Marland Award

The annual E.W. Marland Award was established in 1994 to recognize an outstanding state regulator. E.W. Marland was a U.S. Congressman and the 10th governor of Oklahoma. He is considered the "Father of the Commission."

Several governors played important roles in laying the groundwork for the Commission in the early 1930s. However, lackluster support of the concept by industry, which at the time favored federal intervention, forced early supporters to abandon their work. Marland provided the vision and energy to revitalize the notion of state regulation of oil and gas resources.

Warwick Downing Award

The Warwick Downing Award was established in 2005 to recognize individuals outside state governments who have made an outstanding contribution to the IOGCC.

Known for his passion regarding resource conservation and policy actions on critical national issues, Warwick M. Downing served the Commission for more than 30 years and is viewed as one of its founding fathers. He recognized that when government works cooperatively with industry, the best results are achieved, benefiting the citizens of the state.